Turtle Cups

Women are required to wear something called turtle cups during competition.  These are plastic inserts that are placed inside of a special sports bra made to hold them.  If you wear sports bras with removable padding (as most are made these days) then think of this except the pads are made of plastic.

They feel a little strange at first depending on what kind of sports bra you usually wear, but my biggest recommendation about them actually comes about your shirt that goes over them.  Before you purchase a super cute, specially embroidered competition shirt, purchase your turtle cups and make sure they fit right underneath.

To the right you see TITLE boxing's version of turtle cups.  While it's huge, and isn't particularly cute or interesting, let's all stop to give them a hand for selling one at all.  Ringside does not--the feminist in me now takes note at how friendly to women boxers that makes them.  Ringside, overall, has a tendency to take the Shrink it and Pink it route on equipment for women.  Selling turtle cups would require actually designing something specifically for women...

Machina does not currently carry any turtle cups, but to be fair they started with gloves that actually fit women and have grown from there.  I have great faith and appreciation for their company and can't wait to see them come out with some turtle cups down the road.

So yes, let's all take a few minutes and give TITLE a round of applause!  They have also started selling the cups themselves separately. I have added a picture of these cups as well so that you can see exactly what they look like, but in case you were wondering . . .

Yes!  You can slip these plastic cups right inside your favorite regular sports bra and call it a day!  Simply take out the padding and replace it with the plastic cups.  If you are going to go this route though, I would order them plenty ahead of time to make sure they truly fit inside because they are still pretty large and obviously very stiff (they are made for protection and not fashion after all).  The full sports bra is ordered in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.  The cups can be ordered by actual cup sizes for the best coverage and protection.  This option allows you to customize your sports bra to fit properly without compromising the full protection you will need.  For example, if you need a large sports bra but your cup size is A, the standard D cup that comes in a large bra won't provide the support and protection you need.  This makes an even bigger difference if you are a size D cup but need a small or extra small sports bra which comes with a standard A cup.


TITLE Boxing Turtle Shells Protective Bra Cup

TITLE Boxing Turtle Shells Protective Sports Bra

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