Lucy Chenoweth: Coach, Trainer, and Visionary

Lucy Chenoweth's first love may have been running, but she claims that the first time she threw a punch it was as if her body screamed, "THIS is what I was created for!".  Boxing is a part of her in every way.  Which is what drove her to create a positive boxing gym for women and men looking to work together towards that win, and to pursue her masters in Coaching at Ball State University after completing her undergrad in Women and Gender Studies.  Although she can't imagine her life without boxing, her goal as a trainer is to help everyone find that special sport in their lives.  

Her heart lies with helping women especially find inner strength through physical strength, which was her heart behind opening the non-profit, EYES: Engage, Yearn, Explore, and Shift.  Through this group she volunteers her time to help women heal from hardship, abuse, and sexual assault through mentorship and her specially designed boxing program.

To book personal training with Lucy, call, e-mail, or use our scheduling app on the web page!

Lion's Den Boxing, Inc.

4220 Evanston Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: 317-997-4277

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