Our Truth: Lauren "Big Things"

If you would have told me years ago that some day I would be boxing, I would have laughed in your face. I did karate and martial arts from 7-18 years old and it was one of my least favorite sports to participate in. Not because it was hard, but because personally, I am a soul that hates any kind of confrontation and I hated having to get up early every Saturday morning to go do it. So doing anything else like it was not something I wanted for my life. Not to mention, I have never been in a fight and I like my face entirely too much. Boxing was NEVER something I looked to do and was definitely never something I considered as a hobby I’d want to pick up (despite my love of watching boxing movies)…

But here we are.

I came to Lion’s Den by way of the EYES Program intending to just try out a different form of fitness. I about died in my very first practice because I was not mentally prepared for the workout that I wandered into. After that first session I avoided coming back to train for months on end, because I was just not that interested. I honestly can’t tell you what made me come back, but the opportunity to help and knowing that I didn’t have to be competitive or spar helped convince me to get back into it.

I don’t know if I can say that I truly love boxing. At least not in the same way some of my teammates do. But I can say that it changed my life in the most beautiful way. Boxing found me at a time when I was extremely broken; mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It exposed me to myself, because, “boxing tells no lies,” and will tell you everything you do and don’t know about yourself. Even the things you aren’t ready to know. Boxing is undoubtedly an art form disguised as a sport that beautifully demonstrates how each us individually deal with every day life. From your stance and balance, how you adapt to the environment of the ring, or how you deal with facing your various opponents; all of it translates into how you handle your life.

Each and every time I step into the ring, I am required to strip myself of every doubt and insecurity. I am required to clear my mind and be fully present. (Because if you’re not present, you’ll get knocked out.) This presence helped me identify just how much I lived in my head and over analyzed the past and the future. I never took into account how off balance I was as a person. I let so much control me and my emotions that I had to learn how to let go just so I could live in the moment and approach things as they come at me instead of having a plan for every little thing. I identified that I’m an extremely guarded person, which causes me to hold a lot of my stress in my body, tense up, and hinders my ability to flow freely. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I discovered just how much strength and endurance I have; coupled with power, speed, and the ability to pick things up quickly. I recover from intensive workouts and life scenarios with an explosive bounce back which demonstrates my growth and how I’m always improving. Boxing has helped show me just how versatile and bad ass I am and empowered me to tackle every area of my life head on.

When I think about these lessons I’ve learned in just a year of training, I’m thoroughly amazed at how much I needed boxing to help me put me first. I learned how imperative it was to choose me, to always strive to be a better me, and to persist no matter what obstacles that may stand in my way. Boxing redefined who I believed myself to be as a woman and allowed me to dismantle my own walls while also breaking my own glass ceilings. It challenged me to tackle the rings I fight in throughout my life.

The boxing world wasn’t something I ever intended to become a part of, but it gave me the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. An access to a deeper vulnerability which has developed beautiful redefined view of me.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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