Black Eyes and Busted lips, and when you sadly must hide your badges.

Black eyes, bruising, broken noses. They are both badges of honor as well as kind of annoying. One sparring partner and I have a running joke because I always manage to give her some badge on a day when she happens to have a first date with someone. Seeing as we’re both still experiencing first dates, we’ve also decided that dudes who think you’re hot with your black eyes or busted lips on first dates might also have some deep-down issues. Not really though, because obviously anyone who dates or is married to a fighter is just going to have to live with these.

But no matter how proudly we wear our “badges”, sometimes hoping someone will ask so we can have another chance to talk about boxing, there are places that it’s just not acceptable to wear these badges. For example, working as a victim advocate, it would have been very disconcerting to my clients to have their advocate with a misshapen and black and blue face sitting across from them. I am no expert, but I can tell you in my personal experience what’s worked best for me on hiding these when I need to.

First, I definitely direct you to Machina’s website where they sell Ouchy! Boo-Boo Gel. It’s an anti-bruising gel that will take those bruises away even before they start! So, before any hiding of these bruises, know that there is something out there to help them not even appear to begin with (well, this and awesome head movement!). I’ve connected a link to it at the bottom. The awesome thing about this is that if you’re training hard, your face isn’t the only thing you’re worried about. Days I do dead lifts I know my shins are going to be scraped and bruised forever. As I don’t get out often but want to actually enjoy how hot these sweat-built legs actually are when I do, I love when they aren’t covered in bruises with that short dress!

For face bruising and black eyes, I recommend starting with a liquid concealer that is much lighter than your skin color. I use two, actually. The first is NYC Cover Stick, then, I apply my Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin liquid foundation. Before the liquid foundation has truly dried, I lightly blend my Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance powder (again, in a slightly lighter shade than my actual skin as this is all only applied to my black eye or bruised area). Lastly, I begin my regular make-up routine exactly as I always would without the bruising. For me, this includes Wet n Wild Bronzer, which ends up helping to blend the whole thing together.

When your problem is a busted lip, the best trick I know is to ice it before starting any make up to help take some of the swelling down. Then, pick a bold color for the lips to help plump them overall. When the whole lip is outlined and looking glossy and plump, you don’t hardly even notice the slightly plumper area that’s busted. As my friend Alex always jokes: “Distract them with the shiny!” A glossy lip will help distract them!

Ouchy! Anti-Bruising Boo-Boo Gel

From Machina Boxing website--While you're here, check out all of their amazing equipement made exactly for women! No Shrink it and Pink it found here!

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