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Strength comes in numbers and the tight knit community that the boxing gym creates. While many of us are spread throughout the country, we can start to find that strength in each other's stories that remind us we aren't alone. I'll start with my own.  Read More

This week we are continuing our personal boxing stories with someone's I'm a little biased towards, my sister Molly. Sometimes, everyone around us can see the badd bitch inside of us even we have no idea what they're talking about...yet.  Read More

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Sometimes, boxing is meant to be here for us for a season. I love that even now, Lauren isn't sure she even likes boxing, but it found her and changed her.  She's well-earned her nickname "Big Things", and you'd better watch out for this lady because she's barely even started on all the big things she was made to do! She leaves everything she has on the mats, at everything she does.  Read More

From her brilliant mind to her natural boxer movements, there is no one that has seen Andrea in action that could deny that she is a boxer through and through.  Read More

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The last of the Out Truth stories comes from a Sister at American Top Team, Melissa Wurster. Thank you so much for all you've given to boxing and for other girls and women to see your perseverance, and for writing your story for us!  Read More

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