HBIC - Lucy Chenoweth

While Lucy is the head coach here at Lions Den Boxing, she is also regularly found still sparing around the city.  She is no longer competitive due to coaching.  She takes her job as Head Bitch In Charge very seriously, always putting her boxers needs first, but can't help herself to jump in the ring and feel the rush of joy that boxing gives us all.  

HBIC's Stats: 31 years old, competitive experience but retired from competition, USA Boxing Coaching paperwork current, 130 lbs walk-around weight, South Paw

Badd Bitch #1 -Molly Vaughn

Molly found Boot Camp before she found boxing.  She has always been lightly active, but having two kids and being the responsible oldest child has always put her needs last.  After finding a love with Roller Derby, but being unable to make it work with her kids and scheduling, she was still in need of an outlet and a way to keep getting to feel like herself.  She is our new biggest promoter as she can't stop talking about going from spaghetti arms to linguine arms since starting at Lions Den! She's got the jokes, but don't let her funnies fool you for how serious she is in the ring.  She'll dominate, and do it with a smile--which if you've never boxed before, is even more terrifying!

Badd Bitch #1's Stats: 36 years old, no competitive experience, 110 lbs Walk-Around weight, Orthodox

Kiongozi - James Brown

James' boxing journey has a few more years on it then the rest of the team, and a few more years to go as well.  He has had many different seasons in his boxing career.  Some of those have included periods with no competition, but just growing new technique.  Some have been seasons of teaching others.  Some of have been seasons with breaks from boxing, but working to develop as a person.  Each of these seasons have developed him into the boxer and leader that he is now, and will still grow to become.  When he came to Lions Den he had been fighting under a different name, but his growth and development and lots of hard work have brought you a brand new man: Kiongozi.

Kiongozi's stats: 31 years old, in-active professional boxer, 2015 Indiana Golden Gloves Champion, 170lbs walk-around weight, pro paperwork/blood work is up to date, Orthodox

Cassie Farmer

Cassie first came to Lions Den via her son who boxed with us.  She had no boxing experience, but quickly fell in love with the outlet that it gave her in life.  Like so many women, we give a lot, and we love all of our giving, but this was for her.  She was a natural who needs very little direction to gain new techniques.  She is always asking what more she can be doing in between practices and gains new skill quickly because of that dedication, heart, and natural ability.  If you're looking for a full package fighter, look no further.  While she has not yet had the joy of the first match experience, she is working hard to be able to step into that ring for the first time and blow us all away.  Remember you saw her here first folks!

Cassie's Stats: 35 years old, no competitive experience yet, Orthodox

Ellie Chenoweth

While Ellie is not interested in stepping into the ring in a competitive manor, she's very much earned her place on our competitive team.  She works hard to make sure she is the best teammate and cheerleader that she can be for any one of her teammates who are planning to get in the ring.  She has spent countless hours in the gym drilling, doing her dailies, and even on days she's not in to practice you can find her bringing snacks or Gatorade drinks to those hard at work.  She does all of this just to make sure every one that she can help is going to step into the ring as their very best selves.  On top of this, she has countless years experience growing up in boxing gyms, and certainly knows her way around them.  She is not available for sparring outside of the Lions Den gym, but we are certainly thankful for all the she gives to us.  She is not competitive and does not have her USA Boxing Paperwork.

Ellie's Stats: 10 years old, 72 lbs walk-around weight, no competitive interest, not available for sparring, best cheerleader in the world.

Serenity St. Claire-Brown

Serenity will face down any giant that comes her way.  If there is a phrase to describe her, you'd have to go with "So Much Extra".  So much extra heart, love, determination, feelings, courage, loyalty, fearlessness, bravery, spirit, giggliness, strength.  The list is endless, but "so much extra" is the best way to let you know exactly who she is and her boxing style.  She works so hard, but like her teammate Molz, the jokes are always flying: right up until it's time to step in that ring.  While the giggles start up the second the bell rings for rest, she's all business inside the ring.

Serenity's Stats: 10 years old, no competitive experience yet, 80 lbs walk-around weight, has current USA Boxing paperwork, Orthodox

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