Head Trauma and What We Can Do About It

A lot of times, as fighters, we push away the risks we take in order to be able to step into the ring regardless of what MIGHT happen. Sometimes, we push it away so much we take bigger risks than necessary. This new series will have comprehensive steps you can take to drastically lower the chances of head trauma in your gym and to yourself without really compromising the intensity of your training. Make sure you take the first step this week since next week we'll be talking about it.  Read More

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Protect yourself at all times, remember?

The first step in changing the number of boxers with head trauma is education. If you didn't get last week's message, there's a link in here to that training. And if you didn't have a chance to do the hour long training online, don't worry, we break it down for you.    Read More

Coaches, this one is directly written for you. I know that last week had to leave you with a lot of skepticism of how much we could actually use in our gyms of that training. I know it did me. I don't have a magic answer for getting rid of all cases of brain damage in our sport, but here are some real life ways that I keep my boxers safe everyday.

Fighters, are your coaches watching out for your brain cells?  Read More

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Last week we talked to the coaches, but here's the deal: You signed up for this. What are you doing to take responsibility for your own brain when you're in there?  Read More

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