Female Fight Privilege

I have heard many different reasons over the years of why women don't really belong in a ring or in the serious boxing gyms around town. Lets take each one of those reasons and flip them, because I believe those are some of my strongest assets as a boxer.  Read More

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Fighting is a full time job. While most boys are between 8 and 16 when they start boxing, the majority of women don't even find boxing until they're in their mid 20's or 30's. By that point, a lot of us have full time jobs, kids, a spouse--lives that are full to the brim. So how is being old and busy a "privilege"?  Read More

Being in tune with the emotions of ourselves and those around us (something sometimes called being "soft" or that makes us "emotional" ) isn't a weak link in the ring. It can actually give you perfect insight and timing of what to do next without even thinking. And is definitely anything but "Soft".  Read More

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The last privilege that we're flipping upside down is actually our lack of privilege. There isn't a name for how it shapes you to be who you are. We live in a land where it is undeniable that your day's experiences will be shaped simply by the fact that you are the color or gender you are, or that you walked out of neighborhood you did. How does that affect us in the gym?  Read More

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