Being Good at Exercise

One of the first gyms that I was a part of was an absolutely phenomenal place to train.  We had more talent there on a Friday or Sunday, when the building was technically closed, than most gyms hope to ever get a chance to train in their entire existence.  I was extremely lucky to have those years, but, with their extremely high injury rate, I learned as much about how not to train as how to train.

One draw back to the head coach's training methods was that he used to always say, "We're not here to be good at Exercise! Go to Crossfit if that's what you want to do!"  While I understand that this is not the main point in doing the conditioning drills we do in boxing, it's awfully hard to avoid injury or wasted time on an improperly executed conditioning drill if you are doing it completely wrong.  Not to mention that for those of you new to working out in general, knowing what they even mean when they bark to do Monkey Jumps is helpful.

So this section is to help demonstrate and understand what each commonly used drill is for, how to do it without ending up injured, and to make sure you're not wasting your time or walking into a ring unknowingly unprepared.  I bet you'll wish you had done your lunges or push-ups right when you can barely stand or hold your hands up in that last round and your opponent still looks fresh.

The Basics

Boat Hold

Box Jumps



Crunch Punches

Elevated Lunges

Floor to Squat

Flutter Kicks

Ground to Standing

Knee to Elbow

Oblique Crunches



Conditioning Sets

Air Leg Set

Fast Five

Heavy Bag Leg Drill

The 100

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