Competitive Team

Joining our competitive team takes dedication and the utmost when it comes to heart.  We value hard work and ddedication above all other things.  Our team practices are five days a week, and even if you do not have a competition coming up, being a part of this team means showing up and putting in all you have for those team mates who do.  We can only be as good as our team as they're the ones who challenge us each day, show us our weaknesses, and hold us accountable.  Our Monthly team membership is $75/Month for amateurs.  If you're interested in committing to our competitive team, contact Coach Lucy Chenoweth at 317-997-4277 for more information.

Non-Competitive Team

You can become a valued member of our non-competitive team as soon as you've got down the basics of boxing.  As our competitive and non-competitive team run practices together, this team still takes a certain level of commitment and dedication, but is a step down from serious nation of being prepared to step in the ring.  Non-competitive team members will still be expected to show up and give it their all, but are welcome to decline engaging in the contact activities of boxing such as sparring.  If you know that you love the sport of boxing, but are unsure yet if you'd really like to take the next step of contact or know that you'd like to spar but not compete then this is definitely the choice for you.  Our non-competitive team membership is $75/Month.  Contact Coach Lucy Chenoweth at 317-997-4277 for more information.

Boot Camp/Conditioning

Currently offered at 5:30 am on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and also at 5:30 pm on Tuesday/Thursday this class is a great conditioning class for anyone in any sport to add strength, muscle endurance, and explosion to your game.  No matter what fitness level you are currently at, our NSCA Stregth and Contitioning certified Coach definitely knows what she's doing.  She has trained athletes and non-athletes alike to reach whatever their goals are.  For more information on this class call 317-997-4277.  Interested in both conditioning and learning to box?  Our hybrid classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:30-11:00 am or our longer evening sessions might be the solution for you!

Specialized Conditioning

Are you already a part of another local boxing team?  Do you have your eyes on a non-boxing related fitness goal or competition?  Are you coming off of an injury and need a leg up back to where you were physically?  Coach Chenoweth knows her stuff when it comes to specialized conditioning.  If you're looking for a boost before that next competition, we're your place.  All clients are completely confidential, and it is a requirement that Coach Chenoweth is in communication with your head coach about your training and goals.  Working together with your coach, we can help you reach new conditioning levels to bring that something extra into the next match.  Prices vary dependent on coach and athlete's desired outcomes.  Please contact Coach Chenoweth for more information.  317-997-4277

Personal Training

There are many reasons that people decide to embark on personal training.  You might have reached a plateau on your fitness journey and need help boosting past it.  Maybe you're brand new to fitness in general, or to boxing and want help getting going, or maybe you're just someone who needs the extra push of a scheduled training session where you're being held accountable for your workouts. No matter what your reasons, we'd love to help.  Our personal trainers are extremely qualified and truly passionate about their job.  Our personal training sessions can be purchased individually, in a package, or with partnered or group sessions.  Contact Lucy Chenoweth for more information about scheduling.  317-997-4277

Interested in a class or workout you don't see here?  We're always adding to our schedules and are passionate about what our members are passionate about.  If you're looking for something specific that you can't seem to find, please give us a call and let us know! You most likely aren't the only one!

Lion's Den Boxing, Inc.

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