Named #1 Boxing Gym in Indianapolis 2019

Thank you to everyone who nominated us, has been a consistent part of our community, has donated, come out and support us, or invested in our boxers! You are Lions Den!

Do You Have Heart?

Because that's all we care about here.  Lions Den Boxing may be a competitive boxing gym, but it's not like any boxing gym you've encountered so far.  One reason for that is because we're very female-friendly.  Here, we work hard to train each individual exactly as they should be.  What you put in, we'll give back.  For more information about female specific coaching, check out Lionesses United blog by one of our coaches.

The other reason that we are an unusual boxing gym is that you definitely don't have to be a boxer to get the perks of all of the conditioning involved in the sport.  Check out our Classes and Membership section to learn more about how we can help no matter what your conditioning goals are! 

Lion's Den Boxing, Inc.

4220 Evanston Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: 317-997-4277

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